When you can't be with the vinyl you love... love the iVinyl you're with

Your new favorite music player has a fun vinyl look.

iVinyl spins a 7 inch “45” for each song it plays on your iOS device. Zoom in to show off the record. Zoom out for a complete set of controls.

It’ll put a smile on your face and it just might get you noticed at the cafe. Gym. On the trail. Not to mention that retro diner. Why have the same old music player?

But iVinyl is more than a great retro look–it’s an awesome music player you’ll want to use every day:

  • Swipe to move forward or backward. Double tap to play/pause. (Or use turntable buttons if you prefer.)
  • Tap the Lock and “Eyes Free Gesture Lock” will recognize only these swipes and taps, so you don’t need to look at the screen. It’s perfect for walking, running, biking, working out, or even going to sleep. And yes, it’s a great car player. (iVinyl’s virtual records won’t skip.)
  • Tap the Record Sleeve button for an easy-to-read record with a sleeve made from the song’s artwork. If you’ve got lyrics in your iTunes library, they’ll be printed on the sleeve’s back. Playback gestures work here as well.

And… the hits keep on coming! Because iVinyl looks like a record player but works like an iPod. One song after another. Shuffle. Repeat. Switch between iVinyl and the Music app without missing a beat.

More Features

  • 4 Turntable themes: One modern, one retro, one just fun, and one… pink!
  • 12 record label colors.
  • Select songs and playlists from your library… ask Siri to play a tune… or just tap Play.
  • Hold down the Forward and Reverse buttons for fast forward/fast reverse.
  • Share record pictures via the Photo Library or the Clipboard (so you can post them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… anywhere.)