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Shiny happy virtual vinyl for your iPhone or iPod touch.

iVinyl®  creates a spinning 7 inch "45" record for each song that plays on your iPhone or iPod touch.

It’s a complete music player with easy, addictive gestures as well as standard controls. In fact, the gestures are great for the gym, the run, the ride, and even the car (all a little ironic for a record player.) And it's fully integrated with your device's built in music player. Switch back and forth--or to other apps--and your music continues without missing a beat.

iVinyl is a fun throwback to the days of the jukebox at the diner, and the "platters that matter" of Top 40 radio.

And for fans of today’s vinyl renaissance, for records both vintage and new?

When you can't be with the vinyl you love, you can love the iVinyl you're with.

  • All your songs and playlists are available. Tap on the music note button to choose.

  • Gestures --  Motion based gestures don’t require you to hit a button and are great for the car, gym, run, or ride:
    • Swipe record right to go to the next song.

    • Swipe record left to go back (to the beginning of the current song, then the previous song.)

    • Double tap on the record to pause/play.

  • Includes complete standard music controls (play, pause, back, forward, shuffle, repeat). Press and hold on back or forward buttons to reverse or fast-forward respectively.

  • Turntable spins at 33 1/3, 45 or 78 RPM. Also includes a “00” speed for easily reading the record without stopping the music.

  • Customize the label color of each individual song’s record.

  • Seamlessly integrated with the built in music player.

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